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This website is dedicated to information about the E-Pod electric car.

Below is a picture of the preliminary car body design.

 1 2 2 in car front


Below is a picture taken from a CFD simulation.  The air sticks to the car and greatly reduces the energy required to drive a highway speeds.

Cfd 31 laminar sl side view one row

Hi I am Alexander Cordes, Aerospace engineer and CEO of E-Pod Inc.

I have always wondered why car weren't more aerodynamic.  We use so much gas as we drive around pushing air out of the way.  We spend money and damage the environment.  Many people drive their five-seater cars without any passengers.


We have designed a two-seater electric car that will be the most aerodynamic production car ever created.

 Please find our design and production schedule at this link.


E-Pod Features (click on each title to get more information)

It Pays for itself:  We will sell the E-Pod for less than $9,000.  With the E-Pod it costs less than $5 in electricity to travel 1000km on the highway (average gas car would need over $80 in gas).  With this saving you can quickly pay off the car.

Safety The E-Pod will exceed safety standards.

Aerodynamic:  The narrow design and slow taper results in a very low drag and better range.

Battery and Range:  The efficient design results in a smaller battery and lower cost while maintaining a range similar to gas cars.

Charge from any Plug: High powered EV plugs are still hard to find.  The E-Pod has a small battery that can be charged quickly from any standard household plug.


Optional Solar Panels:  We can install solar panels in the roof of the car so it will charge itself or provide power for your house.

Storage:  The E-Pod will have a front and rear trunk for storage.  The backseat will flip down for additional storage.


Eye Catching design:  With a car that looks like a plane people will look and ask questions.


Controller: The E-Pod computer will be easy to control.  E-Pod Inc. will provide free add-ons and updates to the car software.


Customizable:  When you buy your E-Pod you will have many options (efficient or performance...)  When you own the car many parts just bolt on easily.  Try to change your gasoline car engine in 10 minutes.


Extra Storage:  With long trips with 2 people extra storage maybe needed.  A bolt on storage system can be bolted to the front of the car.


Larger E-Pod:  We are currently designing a larger 3 to 4 seat E-Pod that would be more suited for traveling as a family.