The e-pod will be run by a simple Arduino type micro-contoller.  We love this technology because it is open source. People are constantly sharing and improving the hardware and software for millions of functions.

Updates will come from E-pod Inc. but users can also make and share their own programs.

The micro-controller will control the motor, battery charging and discharging, car display.... If you change or modify a part you can easily update the controller software.

With the controller you can program and control any system in the car. It is only limited by your imagination.

The controller will have different modes like range booster and performance. You can limit the power to extend your range or you can use the full performance of the motor and batteries.

Here is an example of what the controller can do. Lets say you always drive to work at 7:30am. You usually turn on the heat or AC when you get in the car but you only reach the temperature you want by the time you get to work. Then your car sits in the parking lots and waists all the energy. With the E-Pod you can enter the time and temperature you want and the E-Pod will start warming or cooling the car before you drive (maybe 7:15am). When you get into the car you perfect temperature will already be reached. For most trip this will use the same amount of energy but now you can enjoy the comfortable temperature. Also if the car is plugged into the house you will be using house power and not battery power.

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  • 1. joe (link) | 08/02/2017
Hi Sir,
Please share your arduino program with me that you are running your electric car controller.
I will much appreciate your assistance.

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