The Car that Pays for itself

I want everyone to be able to afford the e-pod.  For this reason the price will be under $9,000.


The electricity costs to run it will be much lower than your fuel costs and in a few years you will pay back the car with your fuel savings. The payback period depends on the fuel efficiency of your current car and how much you drive per year.


Gas is over three times more expensive than electricity and this car is over 6 times more efficient on the highway than the standard gas car. Thats less than 5.5% the cost per km on the highway. Ask yourself the question "Do you want to drive 10km is a gas car or 180 in the e-pod??" The trip will cost you the same.

Also this car requires virtually no maintenance. No oil changes, coolant, transmission... The motor only has two inexpensive main parts.

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