Here you can find updates on the design and production schedule for the E-Pod.

Updated October 2014.

In order to get the E-Pod ready for the road certain levels of design and testing are required.  As the design and testing advances we will start to provide projected dates for each stage and finally the production rates and dates.

So far the preliminary design stage is complete.  This included an aerodynamic analysis, stability analysis, cost/weight budge, electrical system analysis (motor, battery)...

I am currently on the model testing stage. I have built a small 1/8 scale model. I am using this model to test the systems of the E-Pod.

After the model testing a full scale prototype will be built. This will be extensively road tested.

Using the test data from the prototype the final design of the production vehicle will be carried out.

The first production vehicle will under go final testing and crash testing before the production vehicles are produced and sold to the public.